F-KRACHT: FEMININE LEADERSHIP ................................


F-Kracht stands for feminine power. Our Western world is dominated by masculine skills and values: setting goals, being decisive, competitive, focused, assertive, etc. These are skills and values that bring progress, and help to achieve goals. However, increasingly society calls for a more feminine approach, more empathy, inclusiveness, patience, collaboration and sustainability. Like yin and yang, we all, man and women, possess masculine and feminine skills, values and characteristics. Yin and Yang are not absolute opposites, they complement each other, and exist in relation to one another. Authentic leadership requires balance and therefore a combination of skills and values both masculine and feminine. To help you achieve that balance, we offer insight and training in a feminine leadership style complementary to traditional masculine leadership styles.

Are you curious about feminine leadership skills and qualities? Would you like to recognize the difference between a masculine and feminine style? Would you like to know how each approach can help you to make impact, get people to join you, make choices and get things in motion? Then our F-kracht training program is for you!


During F-kracht training we focus on intrinsic feminine power (F-krachten) the source of a feminine leadership style. We explain how feminine and masculine power is complementary, and how you can tap in your feminine strengths to lead. Each F-kracht has an internal and an external working. The internal working aims to help you ‘glow’. It is mend to help you shine, to be authentic, to accept and love yourself, to be whole, and to trust your intuition. The external working aims to help you create ‘flow’. To get people in motion, to join you, to support you. This aspect is about connecting, trust, empathy, passion, enthousiasm to inspire others to collaborate and create impact.


In this one day training all five F-krachten will be addressed with a theoretical foundation and exercises that teach you to recognize and apply F-kracht in your career. For one of the five f-krachten we will go to a nearby location with a herd of horses called horse medicine. This excersie will require a short walk (10 min each way) and will teach you the power of connecting.

Besides the basics training we offer three additional training modules.


A two day training to deepen your understanding of F-kracht and to further develop your feminine leadership skills using exercises, intervision, horse coaching and hands on techniques. Furthermore we will help you to assess you preference for a feminine or masculine style by means of an online assessment. During the training you will receive feedback on your style with our F-M balance. These insights will be used to further develop your feminine leadership style.


In our training F- and M in balance we work from a slightly different angle. In a one day session we help you to explore the differences of feminine and masculine leadership skills and to develop the skill to choose and combine both sides to develop a more balanced approach that fits you and your personal leadership style most. For this training we also work with the F-M balance and the online assessment tool.


Finally we offer a training F-kracht team facilitation, in which we teach you methods and techniques to connect your team using F-kracht. Besides a theoretical foundation, we offer you a toolbox with methods and techniques that you can use to facilitate your team to become more inclusive, more connected and more supportive. In a train the trainer style we teach you how to coach your team to bond and connect.


Are you inspired after the training, and would you like to develop your personal f-kracht? In four individual coaching sessions we will deepen your awareness of your specific strengths and talents in feminine skills. You will develop your insights and intuition in two sessions with horse coaching, and apply these insights in personal coaching sessions to develop your leadership style and develop you skills. Again we will use your personal F-M balance as a basis to mirror your style. Interested? Connect with Monique.

Who we are:

Monique den Haring, Buro KIJK

Monique has a background as a manager in marketing at an international bank. In this context she has a lot of experience in working in a masculine culture. In 2013 she started to develop her feminine skills with an education as trans-personal counselor at the academy for humansciences. In 2015 she started her own coaching and training institute ‘Buro KIJK’, in which she combines her masculine and feminine talent and experience. She coaches professionals in personal leadership and supports team leaders in developing the skills to move from directive leadership to a coaching leadership style. Further she works with teams to develop trust, connection and a more harmonious and inclusive binding in the group.

Dr. Ir. Gwendolyn Kolfschoten, Beter Samenwerken

Gwendolyn was professionally raised and educated in the masculine culture of Delft University of Technology where she gained her PhD and worked as an assistant professor. As an expert in collaboration she explored the boundaries of the technical domain, where machines support humans and especially groups. Also she developed herself over the years as a facilitator to offer process support and guidance for groups and group processes. Facilitation is a typical feminine skill focused synergy, consensus and sustainable support for results. As an entrepreneur, Gwendolyn wrote a book about collaboration. She works for organizations to help them to use the knowledge and commitment in their teams to solve problems and use the creative power of the group.

Jubine Nijmeijer, Horse Medicine

As a child nature and horses were very important for Jubine. After graduation she moved to Amsterdam to focus on study and work. She has a master in Law and worked several years at a large law firm. In this business context she did not feel whole and therefore she embraced change and chose a different career path. She followed an education to become a systemic horse coach, and specialized at the Caprilli Coaching & Training institute in team coaching with horses. She is now owner of a training institute ‘horse medicine’ in Stompwijk, where she helps people to reveal the things that hold them back and to restore their connection with themselves.

Monique and Gwen form a complementary trainer dyad. Monique is a master in creating a safe atmosphere to practice and train, which helps to derrive new insights and discover unique aspects of your self. Gwen offers a theoretical foundation for each of the F-krachten. For the horse coaching we walk to Horse medicine, under the guidance of Jubine Nijmeijer.


Roos Grisnigt

“The combination of theory, exercises and the horses was very special. I derived had some very special personal insights, and the theoretical foundation was especially useful to me.”

Sanneke Zandbergen-Nulkes

“I went to a one day training and went home with new energy, unique! Further, the training had a lot of impact for me personally. In the week after the training, I got an epiphany, I found my path, realized what I wanted to do with my life and made important decisions.”

Mirjam Aarden-Pietersmap

“I realized after this training that I was never aware of the difference between masculine and feminine leadership. It was insightful to experience what my feminine power is, and how I can use it.”


The next open training is available on:

F-Kracht Basics

September 13th 2018

The open training takes place at 'De Bles' in Stompwijk, and starts at 9 am. Till about 17.30.

Free parking, lunch and drinks are included.


F-Kracht basics

Open training:          €749,- ex VAT

Company/team: special offer upon request


4 sessions of 1,5 hour: €550,- ex VAT

Including personal F-M Balance.

Two coaching sessions with horses, and two on personal leadership.

  • We are happy to explore a fitting price with non-corporate clients and freelance professionals.
  • You can cancel your participation without payment up to 48 hours in advance.
  • Sign up by e-mail to monique@f-kracht.nl.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to check if this training fits your needs.







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